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There's an American Made Vacuum

Waiting for You at Sharkys

Saving Good People from Bad Vacuums!
Buying from Sharkys adds value to your purchase!
From Pet Hair to Potting Soil a Simplicty Vacuum won't let you down!

Tile, Carpet, Hard Wood, Laminate? No worries! We have a Simplicity Vacuum that will be just right for you. Simplicity vacuums are made with care and craftsmanship in St. James Missouri U.S.A. We believe in the vacuums Simplicity makes so much that when you purchase one from us you get a free yearly service for every year your vacuum is under warranty. That's a value added for you from us!

Most everyone owns a vacuum cleaner. From the time you moved out of the family home, till the time you have a family home of your own, and even well beyond those years, you will probably need a vacuum cleaner. So why try to get away with buying something cheap, when you need it to last so long? Why not buy a well built appliance that will last and can be depended on to get the job done right? If you're tired of buying cheaply made vacuums that just don't last, then stop by Sharkys Vac n' Sew and ask to see a Simplicty Vacuum, made proudly in the USA.

Simplicity's Tandem Air Technology

Both Clean Air and Direct Air Motor Systems In-Tandem
When you combine the best of both worlds you reach a level of clean you didn’t even know existed. The revolutionary Tandem Air Technology utilizes both the clean air and direct air motor systems – in tandem – to create the first and only vacuum cleaner to provide exceptional carpet cleaning, advanced filtration and the convenience of powerful on-board tools in one machine. Mind blown!

But That's Not All
Like all Simplicity vacuums, Tandem Air vacuums are built to last with metal where it matters most. Plus, it’s coupled with a sleek design that not only looks good, but maneuvers even better. The Tandem Air Technology is exclusive to Simplicity Synergy and Synchrony uprights and some models of the new Wonder canisters. These beauties are waiting for a test drive. You won't believe what they can do!