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  • If you have already received your UPGRADE and you plan to install it prior to the event, please record your Certification Key Code so that in the event of an installation mistake, you will have record of your code key. Once a code key has been issued and used, it cannot be reissued or used a second time. Please follow all directions exactly to prevent issues!
  • Please Note: If you plan to upgrade your machine, you must first UPDATE your machine to Update Version 2.00. We will teach you the correct way to install an UPDATE at our event. INCORRECT INSTALLATION OF AN UPDATE CAN HARM YOUR MACHINE!!!
  • You must use an authorized USB drive that has been formatted properly, and you must EXTRACT the update file from the zipped file that you download to your computer. You will harm your machine if you do not extract the update file and try to update your machine with the other two files that are included in the zipped file!
  • This Video offers good instruction and information about the UPGRADE process. 
  • To install the UPGRADE you will need a CLEAN USB Stick 16GB or larger. There must be nothing else on it and be reformatted before you begin. Turn your machine off and turn it on again while holding the "needle threading" button. This restarts your machine in "Update Mode". From the options on the screen select the install via USB option. Insert your USB and select LOAD. This is a large Upgrade and will take time to complete. DO NOT turn off your machine before the process is complete. Once the upgrade is complete, turn off your machine, remove the USB stick, turn the machine back on and explore all the new wonderful features!
  • Brother has a list of recommended USB drives. You can view it here.