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Sharkys Quilt Shop
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Meet Al

Sharkys is proudly owned by Al Lawson. Al has been in the vacuum and sewing business since he was 8 years old! Yes you read that right, come in and ask him all about it.

You can imagine the knowledge he has accumulated in that time, and he is happy to share that knowledge, Below are some topics he has had the time to write about, and he hopes you enjoy reading them and learn a bit too.

Where do I Buy a Vacuum
I have had hundreds of people come to Sharkys Vac Sew and say they went to the deep discount stores and stopped in to take a look at what we had to offer. Where do you shop for a vacuum cleaner? Well you have a lot of choices but let me explain the differences and why.

Cheaper on the Internet?
Places on the internet come and go, and maybe they look cheaper until you see the shipping cost at the end, but it's not the same as a local shop. Supporting local independent business we want to be there for you, and know you'll be there for us.

Bag or Bagless?
Over the last 50+ years, I have seen vacuum cleaners come and go. Uprights to canisters, round ones and square ones, plain ones to one that have $800.00 a gallon color changing paint, from indoor to outdoor, from hard to push to self-propelled and now bag to bagless.

What about Sewing Machine Needles?
I was asked recently by a customer about what needles she should buy for her sewing machine and when should they be changed. Over the last 50+ years I have I have repaired thousands of sewing machines and have seen a lot of people with many different ideas on needles.

Good Belt? Bad Belt?
I have been in the sewing machine and vacuum cleaner business for some 50+ years and I have people ask me about when I should change my belt on my vacuum cleaner. Well there is an old adage that says, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it “. While that may hold true for a lot of things, it surely doesn’t for a vacuum cleaners Belt!